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Understanding the placements of the planets at certain times of the year, will help you understand their effects on us as humans.  They all effect us differently.

Numbers tell us a lot about ourselves whether we choose to believe it or not.  Using numerology, we simplify the process of understanding the world around us.

Tarot cards combine both numerology and astrology.  then use symbology to tell a story of how planets and aspects of their behaviors will affect us in the near future.

tarot readings help shape and guide your choices

  • Tarot readings tell a story of your future
  • You can choose to ignore the story
  • Most people just take note, then as they go about their day, keep remembering what was said, sometimes, when a situation arises, they remember what was said and know what the appropriate action is to take.

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Some of the Star Signs We Know Very Well

virgo star sign
Virgo Star Sign

The Quiet one

The chief writer, creator, worker and manager of this Blog.  I make things happen, without waiting for someone to get started.  I do instead of talk and love seeing results coupled with the analytics, to see how I got from point A to point B.

leo star sign
Leo Star Sign

The Lion Energy

The fiery feline energy of Leo gets things done, fast and as quick as possible.  Systematic, methodical and stubborn to the bone.  It's one star sign that never backs out of an intelligent conversation.  Get on her wrong side and it will take a long time to recover.

capricorn star sign
Capricorn Sign

The Ambitious One

The go getting energy of Capricorn gives way to a love of family.  They're great all rounders and make excellent employees.  If you ever what to fast track someone, choose a Capricorn.  They excel under pressure and never shy away from going the extra mile to achieve results.

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We may venture into crystals and i-ching soon.  Stick with us as we start adding more and more information for you to consume.

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