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If you’re looking for some kind of answer about the future, an outcome or anything that worries you, maybe getting a Tarot reading might help give you some peace of mind…


We do card readings via email and 101 via zoom

$ 3

/ Via email

A simple 3 card spread to get answers via email


/ Via email

A simple 5 card spread to get answere via email

$ 15

/ For 30 Mins

Set 30 minutes aside to chat with me as I pull cards and answer a question

What’s Your Sign?


Life can be difficult to understand when things don’t go as planned and we wonder why things happen to us the way they do.

Maybe you can find some peace of mind in a reading from an astrologer.  The cards tell a story, it’s up to you to believe in what is said or not.

Another way to get answers, is to let someone rad your Astrological chart and tell you what you still need to experience in life going forward.

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We do Tarot Readings, Astrology & More


Professional advisors are standing by from multiple locations to answer your questions in love, career, or general questions


If you like reading, then catch up on articles related to astrology, your horoscope, psychics and much, much more


Each day is different for you, but the past cycles have taught us that there are no coincidences, everything is predestined

101 Via Zoom

Have a burning question you want answered, but feel you want to sit face to face with someone online, this is perfect

Via Email

Want an answer, but have no specific timeframe, no problem, let us answer your question and send it to you via email

Why Choose Us

We've been reading cards for more than 7 Years and have learnt to interpret accurately

Each of us has a story we want told.  What story do the cards hold for you?

When we ask questions of the cards, they tell us a story which we interpret for you.


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