ace of cups tarot card meaning

Ace OF Cups Tarot Card Meaning


Love, deep feeling, new romance and intimacy

Key phrases

Beginning of new love or awareness

Expressing your feelings

Being in touch with your emotions

Infatuation with someone or something

Establishing new bonds

Feelings developing

Desire for a deeper connection

What does the card mean?

When you draw the ace of cups, the early stages of love or romance are indicated.  You may find that your feelings have gotten stronger, or that you are feeling heed over heels in love with someone or something.  We can just as easily become infatuated by an idea as we are by a lover.

If you are already attached, there may be a stronger bond developing between you, or emotional needs to be expressed.

If you draw this card, look at the aspects of your life where love might be lacking or working for you.  Are you really in touch with your own feelings, is it time to open up, sympathize with others, get closer to a friend, lover or family member? Are you giving too freely?

If this card falls in a blockage position, you are letting your emotions take over from the reality of the situation.  As a you now card, it suggests that it’s time to get in touch with the more spiritual aspects of your relationship. 

There is a strong mystical relation to the aspects of the images on the card, reminding us to let creative divine energy into our lives, rather than simply attending to our ego desires.  Look at the card and see what is offered, because this card can also indicate that a gift, encounter or opportunity is there for you to take, but you must be open to the possibilities.

In a future outcome reading, the ace of cups tarot card means that you merely have to open your eyes to see the truth and recognize what could be yours.  Whether to gain access to deeper intimacy, to explore your own consciousness or to help your spiritual direction, never reject what the ace of cups has to offer.  Another gift that may be waiting in the wings is enriched sexual affinity with someone, or that you must trust in your intuition and deeper feelings to guide you to make a choice.   

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