Astrology Reading for the 10th to 17th February 2021 (All Signs)

Here’s the transcript to give you an overview of all the content:

For the first reading we’re doing a simple one line reading.  In this reading we’re just looking at your reality.

In future readings there will be three lines of cards.  We’ll include a line of Viking cards on top, with the general day to day life cards in the middle then at the bottom we’ll have a line of crystal cards.

The top line signifies the mind and consciousness.  The centre line is about the current, reality and the bottom line has to do with emotions and the subconscious.

The two of cups may have related to a partnership of some kind, which could have been a business relationship, or a romantic relationship. 

The 10 of swords indicates that there may have been a break in trust in the relationship, or you may be having doubts about the reliability of the relationship.

The page of swords reversed indicates that you’re paused, having a look at what’s happened and wondering what to do about your situation.  You may be a bit hesitant.  All you can do, is look forward to the future so sit and strategize for the future.

Come up with a plan to prevent failed relationships in the future.  Take some time to think about the goals you have and put a plan in place to prevent a repeat of the past.

If a future relationship breaks or your business fails, you must have a plan in place.  The sun card in reverse reminds you to strategize, plan and ensure you have multiple plans in place, to fall onto backups if some fails. 

The king of wands is a forceful card that say you may become a bit too forceful at home or in the workplace.  If you don’t have your plans in place and something goes wrong, you’re probably going to lash out at the person nearest to you.


If you lash out at the wrong people in your life, especially your loved ones, how till you ever be able to regain their trust and love?

Rather have all your ducks in a row.  Strategize, pause and take a break if you need to.  Be wary of going into relationships without doing your research.  Keep a plan A, B and C in place, if things don’t work out.

Always plan, have a strategy and backup plan in place, no matter what.

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