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It’s time to set yourself some Goals

Viking Cards – The Mind

The Sword – reversed

The sword in reverse indicates that you are afraid of change and are in a comfort zone.  This can be dangerous as it leads to stagnation or an unwillingness to change even if your current situation is negatively affecting you or those with you.

You need to find the courage to cut ties with any thoughts, behaviours, habits or people and situations that are bad for you and walk away.

The God – Reversed

You lack trust in divinity, the divinity within and you doubt yourself too much.  This leads you to think that you never get anywhere, you have asked but not received what you wanted, and have given up hope in a better life or situation for yourself. 

Forgetting that universal time is unlimited by our own needs and things arrive in divine timing. 

You need to find a way to rediscover your inner divinity, grow your faith in the cosmos and allow abundance and prosperity to flow within your life once more.

The Spear – Reversed

You’re not working towards a goal and find yourself aimlessly jumping from one project to another.  You’ve got monkey mind and can’t focus on one thing for too long.  You feel like your life has no meaning and you see no purpose in doing much anyway.

You need to set clear, specific goals and take action to reach that goal.  The clearer and more specific your goals, the easier it will be to set your sights upon the end result and focus. 

Do one thing right, to your absolute best ability and rewards will follow.  Focus and take action. This will give you a renewed sense of purpose, more drive and you will have a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

The Tarot Cards – Daily Reality

King of Pentacles – Reversed

Vice, weakness, ugliness, perverse, corruption, peril

4 Of Swords

Vigilant, retreat, solitude, hermits repose, exile, tomb, coffin

Queen of Cups – Reversed

The accounts vary, good woman, otherwise, distinguished woman but can’t be trusted, perverse woman, vice, dishonour, depravity


Economy, moderation, frugal, management, accommodation

2 of pentacles

Gaiety, recreation, news, messages that warn of obstacles, trouble, agitation or embroilment

The Crystal Cards – The Subconscious

Black Tourmaline

It absorbs negative energy, allowing for protection and physical vitality.  You are comfortable with change so it’s OK to be a little impulsive at times.

However, you need to keep an eye open for potential troublemakers who may want to take advantage of your impulsive nature. 

Keep tourmaline handy because it helps to protect you in these cases and will also help you overcome obstacles along the way.


You find this existence heavy and draining.  You feel stuck and unable to move on from a situation.  Moldavite will help you raise your vibration to overcome these feelings and allow you to change your situation. 

You’re looking for your inner divinity and need to let go of any limiting beliefs you may have.  When you do this, you open up the way for divinity to find you when you go looking for it again. 

You will change once you get this right.  Embrace the changes.  Keep checking in with your higher self every so often to find out how you’re progressing.  Prosperity and abundance await!

Polychrome Jasper

Polychrome jasper is a stone of spirituality.  Those who travel between world in spirit, sleep or dreams are offered protection during these travels.  You are aware that you’re part of a very large group. 

Be part of the group and don’t isolate yourself.  If you do feel lonely, reach out to others, not in a sense of need, but simply for companionship.  You are better suited at pairing with animal companions. 

Your job should include some form of manual labour.  Be prepared for any changes that will come to you.  Stay grounded in yourself and offer guidance and advice for others who struggle with change. 

Make sure you’re not giving away too much of your free time and resources.   

Conclusion of Reading

At the beginning of the week a situation may arise in which a change needs to be made either at home or in the workplace.  You may be a little apprehensive about the change, but just go with it.  In the end, changes have a way of working out for the better.

If you’ve lost faith in the greater scheme of things, especially to listening to that divine being within, maybe now is a good time to do some self-reflection.

Try find time in your busy day to find a quiet place to do some “me-time.”  Take some time to do something really simple, like sanding a boat, painting, walking, meditation or whatever else you can do that doesn’t require critical focus and thinking. 

Allow your mind to be quiet and just relax.  Let the divinity within come rest on your shoulder and embrace the feeling.  Feel the peace and start believing in the greater plan.  There is no rhyme or reason for things that happen, they just do. 

It’s your perception that needs to change, not the situation.

When you’ve found that you’ve lost all faith and purpose for living, sometimes you need to pause and ask yourself if you’ve actually set the bar too low or not at all.

In order for us humans to have meaning and purpose in our lives, we need to have something to live for.

Something that can give you that meaning and purpose, is the single minded pursuit of something – A GOAL!

Sit down with yourself or family members, business partners or co-workers and find out, what you really want.  What is the mission and what goal do you want to achieve.

Set that one goal and do everything in your power, to single-mindedly pursue that one goal until you achieve it.  Then set another two goals, one personal and one career oriented.

Once you achieve the other two goals, go on to creating as many goals as you need.  But, start with 1 and only 1.  You won’t succeed if you spread yourself too thin.  But, DO IT!

Be careful of those negative voices, thoughts or feelings that make you feel like you that you can’t achieve what you want.  That self-doubt is only in your head.  Do whatever you think is right for you and is in the best interests of those you love.

Be resolute.  Keep your eyes open and focus on the things you want to achieve.  If you need to step away from people or situations, that’s OK.  Do whatever you need to do in order to get what you want.

Sometimes limiting beliefs will throw obstacles in your way.  These obstacles may come in the form of doubt, people and loss of property, name tarnishing, fights or anything else that might hamper your progress.

Remember, you’re the only one you can trust to succeed in life.  No-one can live your life for you, so be wary of who you can trust.  Triple check all facts and forge ahead.

Are you managing your business properly?  Setting lofty goals for your business is great.  You however don’t want to go overboard and spend money you don’t have. 

For this week, put some restraints on your spending.

Listen to those around you who’ve followed the same path you have.  Maybe some of them have succeeded in their endeavours, but more often than not, you will probably hear stories of failures, fights, lawsuits, etc.

Listen to these stories, but, keep in mind, sometimes others will tell you bad stories to keep you from succeeding yourself.

It’s OK to try new things in life, besides, what’s life without a few challenges.  Be open to change and go with the flow.

SO, if you’re feeling stuck, without a purpose and want to know what to do with yourself.  Set Goals!

Allow yourself to work towards your goals and keep an eye out for those who keep telling you that you can’t succeed.  All that you need to do with them, is tell them that you value their opinion and send them on their way.

You probably have friends and family to lean on when you want to.  Try not to only know them when you want something.  Rather be there for them in their time of need. 

Offer advice, give assistance where you can, but make sure you don’t break the bank or spend your entire life helping others and remember, you have a life too.

Think “me-time!”

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