Astrology reading for the week of 18 to 24 February 2021 – All signs

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The mind (top layer of cards)

The Viking rune card asks you to look within, to your higher self and ask it whatever you want.  It asks you to ensure you treat everything around you with respect and as sacred.  We are all one and we are connected to everything.

The Viking god card asks you to look at yourself and pray to the divinity within yourself, set a clear intention for what you want and then wait patiently for the universe to grant your wish.

The Viking eagle card asks you to lift up and learn to have a higher perspective to look at your situation, take the 10000 foot view, get some perspective, be empathetic towards others and put aside your ego for a short time.  See things from other people’s perspectives so that you can understand them and your place in your circle of friends and family. 

Daily life (middle row of cards)

The death card reversed highlights the fact that the energies we’re all experiencing right now are heavy, thick and have a lot of us feeling drained and lethargic right now.

The devil card highlights the fact that you’re resisting, fighting back and wanting to escape the situation we find ourselves in.

The Queen of swords is resolute, poised and dignified.  She has her sword and is ready to defend her purpose.  She’s looking forward, is serious and is direct to act and do whatever is necessary.  Even if this means being alone, being shunned etc.  It doesn’t matter.

The queen of cups is reversed and this can signify that you may have knowledge that’s been btained but it might be somewhat dodgy information.  You may feel like gossiping.  But make sure whatever information you want to share has been fact checked.

The high priestess reversed can indicate that you’re fighting authority, you may want to be vindictive or highlight things that people are trying to hide.  Rather leave it alone and leave their secrets where they belong.  Don’t go ruin friendships or relationships.

The Emotions and subconscious (bottom row of cards)

The malachite gemstone talks of transforming the consciousness.  It helps us fix our toxic thoughts and limited beliefs, scarcity and fear.  It helps relieve and clear all of these blockages.

The flint stone is great for getting to the heart of problems in your life and helps you clear negative thoughts and emotions, also to get to the bottom of things so that you can cut ties with people, situations and experiences that may be holding you back and preventing you from creating the abundance you want in your life.

The Crysocolla gemstone has to do with self-love.  You need to stay strong in times of change.  Being scared doesn’t help.  We need to be calm and persevere in what you’re doing.  Forgive yourself for past transgressions. 


It’s no use holding on to the past so you can heal yourself so that you can be better towards others.  Relieve bitterness, open yourself to love, be gentle with yourself, be kind to yourself.  Doing all of these things will help you love and show compassion towards your loved ones.

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