Astrology reading for the week of 24th February to 2nd March 2021 – All Signs

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Mind (top row of cards)

The Viking totem poles refer to intuition being your guiding light.  Take a break if you need to.  Use intuition to guide you in decisions you’re making.  Perseverance is key here.  Keep pushing through on the decisions you make.  Trust your gut feeling, often, the first feeling you have is the right one.

The burial mound has to do with the death of past experiences.  Whatever hurt, negative experiences or memories you have, jot them down on some paper.  Take it outside, dig a hole, light the paper on fire and bury the ashes.  Once this is done, you can do a little victory dance and celebrate the cutting ties with the old memories that no longer serve you.  You’ll feel lighter and happier for it.

The sword is all about cutting ties with things holding you back.  The sword comes into your reading today to remind you, that you have the power to cut away the ties that hold you back.  Cut patterns, negative thoughts of yourself and habits that are bad for you.  These things will hold you back and stuck in your current situation.  Cut them away and attain the freedom you deserve.

Emotions or Subconscious (Bottom row)

The Moldavite crystal talks about feeling stuck in your situation.  The moldavite helps you raise your vibration to help you raise above the situation and be free of the negativity.

The bumblebee Japser asks that you go and do the things that you have planned but never did.  Now is the time, go do the things you love.  Take whatever opportunities come your way.

The apatite gemstone asks that you get out of your own way.  Our egos get in the way and tell us that we aren’t good enough.  The apatite helps you to get out of your own way so that you can open up your mind and heart to allow abundance and prosperity to flow inwards.

Daily life (middle row)

4 of pentacles have to do with wondering what to do next.  It’s not a bad thing.  You should always stop and think about things before rushing in and doing things you may regret later.

The 9 of swords has to do with not wanting to see what’s actually going on.  It’s more like self-inflicted pain where you want to be isolated, but you may want people to feel sorry for you.  You want to be in solitude and ignore the reality that exists.

The magician reversed has to do with mental illness.  Just like the previous instance where you’re staying in your mind.

The king of wands reversed is a serious energy.  Even so, he’s still a gentle soul who’s tolerant.

The 10 of swords shows pain.  For everything that’s happened in the previous cards, we close off with sorrow. 


The reading was rather negative.    The week is about turbulence.  Go within and stay strong.  Any opportunities coming your way must be grabbed. 2021 has been a rough year with all the unemployment and the crazy weather.

Go within, cut away the things that no longer serve you and grab any chance you have to better yourself.  Be gentle with yourself if you make mistakes, but stay strong in your conviction.  When you get any opportunity, take it, otherwise you may regret it.

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