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Tarot Cards: Judgement

What does the Judgement Tarot Card mean when it shows up in a spread?

When the Judgement Tarot Card shows up in a spread, some people can get a little worried.  Judgement implies that you are ready to accept what is coming to you, for better or worse.


The Judgement card doesn’t always refer to you personally.  Every spread is different and everything in the spread relates to a question or the cards surrounding the focus card.

Tarot Card: Judgement

Let’s look at some of the words associated with the meaning of this card.  We’ll look at it in both positive and negative aspects.


Positively means that the card will be upright:


  • Self-evaluation
  • Awakening
  • Renewal
  • Purpose
  • Reflection
  • Reckoning


Negative meanings of the card (it will be reversed):


  • Self-doubt
  • Lack of self-awareness
  • Stubbornness
  • Not willing to learn lessons
  • Self loathing
  • Denial of power

Judgement Description

When you see the Judgement card, you’ll see and angel blowing his trumpet.


Beneath, there’s imagery of the dead rising from the grave, ready to accept their fate for their past deeds in life and beyond.


All of the people rising up have their arms outstretched, symbolizing that they are ready to accept the decisions of the universe, no matter what path it prescribes for them.


In the background of the card, there’s a tidal wave, implying that Judgement will sweep over everyone and there is no escape. 


All will be judged in the end.


Similar to the Death Tarot Card, The Judgement Tarot Card reminds us that everything must come to an end and that new things will come forth.


On the other hand, if there are shady characters in your life or in the world at large, then having this card show up in a spread could signify that justice will be served to the wicked and the scales of righteousness rebalanced.

Judgement Tarot Card – Upright

The Judgement Tarot Card in the Upright position implies that we are taking stock of our lives, the things we do and the things we did in the past. 


It’s a card of self reflection, helping us to look at ourselves in a new light so that we can evaluate our responses to situations and take corrective action where needed.


Having this card show up in a personal reading shows you that the time has come to have a look at your life, see where you’re not living up to your own expectations and make the necessary changes.


Having The Judgement Card show up in your life means that you’ve awakened to the fact that you’re slacking off and you need to change.  There’s no need to re-invent yourself, but start with small daily actions to re-correct the trajectory you initially set for yourself.


If you’re brave, you can topple the applecart and redesign your life completely. (This path isn’t for the faint of heart).  Just remember, whatever actions you take will affect not only you, but those around you too, so choose wisely.


The Judgement Card reminds us that a time comes in each person’s life when they reach a crossroads and some deep reflection is necessary to make the best choice going forward.


The Judgement card helps you in this case to evaluate that you’ve done up to this point.  Did you make good choices, what about the bad?  What lessons did you learn? 

What will you do differently going forward?


Completely opening yourself up to these answers and honestly answering yourself and being accountable for your actions will help you take the right path.


This one choice, at this moment in time can be a deal-breaker that may profoundly change the trajectory of your life for the better or worse.  It’s all in your hands.


Reflect, make choices and move forward.  Once you’ve made your decision, there’s no time to look back.  Keep pushing forward until you reach the next crossroad…

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Judgement Tarot Card in Love, Career & Finances - Upright



In love and relationships, the Judgement tarot card shows you that the time has come for some reflection.


Have you been ignoring behaviors, patterns and habits that aren’t serving either of you anymore?  If so, it’s time to have a look at what those behaviors, patterns and habits are, so that you can take steps to change them.


Be open and honest with your partner and involve them in the process.


There’s no reason to start from scratch.  Subtle or small changes that you make now can have long lasting positive effects on your relationship if both of you reach consensus and work at it.


The Judgement card allows you to lay all your cards on the table and then choose to keep the good and get rid of the negative.  Letting go of old behaviors is a sign of maturity and growth which is a good thing.

Important to remember:  Cards are suggestions. You have the ultimate freedom to decide whether to accept and welcome transformation, or ignore it.



Have you encountered stressful situations at work?  Have you been causing the tension in the workplace? 


Maybe you’re feeling a little taxed or tired because of the stress caused by certain situations at work.


The Judgement Card has shown up to remind you to take stock of your own contribution towards the energies at your workplace.


Have you been contributing to the problem or have you been totally oblivious to a situation you may be causing.


It’s time to sit back and reflect on your own behaviors.  Have you been contributing to, or detracting from the negative energy in the workplace?


What actions have you taken that could have worsened the situation?  What can you do to help diffuse the situation? 


Are you ready to be the grown up and approach any parties, to resolve the situation and return harmony in the work environment?


The Judgement Tarot Card signals that it’s time to take responsibility and do the right thing as soon as you can.



Are you a spendthrift who always keeps a tight seal on their wallet or are you one who splurges at the slightest opportunity?


Whatever your relationship with money; the Judgement Tarot Card shows up to remind you to reflect on your relationship with material wealth.


If you spend beyond your means, maybe you should pull back and see how you can reduce your debt before spending any more.


If you’re too tight with your cash-flow, maybe it’s time to relax a little and give yourself a spending budget to spend on whatever you want.


The Judgement card shows you that it’s time to re-evaluate your relationship with financial resources and develop new, healthy relationships with what you’ve got.

Multiple Energetic Formats

Considered "woo-woo", but still as relevant as ever


Actually, I believe in everything, including astrology and tarot cards.

All of it is just another way for people to try and tighten the link to the spirits in our universe.

I believe it exists for all people. 

Billy Dee Williams

Judgement Tarot Card in Love, Career & Finances - Reversed

When The Judgement Card is reversed in a spread, it can mean that you’re too hard on yourself.  You lack the confidence and think of yourself as less deserving or unqualified for the path you’re on.


When you doubt yourself, you will often let opportunities pass you by because you think you’re not good enough for that’s presenting itself, but you’re just standing in your own way.


Letting opportunities pass by without taking action will demoralize you!


Stop thinking too much!  Set a goal, put together an action plan and then focus on achieving that goal, no matter what.


Start with small, short term goals to build your confidence and goal setting abilities.  The more goals you put behind you, the more confident you’ll become in your abilities.


On the other side of the coin (so to speak), The Judgement Card could be showing up to indicate that you need a time out.


You may be working so hard, such long hours and focusing way, way too much on your goals that you’re blocking everything and everyone out of your life. 


That’s a recipe for disaster.


The Judgement Card in this case shows up to remind you that there is such a thing as Work Life Balance and you need to find yours.


When you’re too caught up in your work, you don’t have the time to take a breather to see how far you’ve come or if you’re taken the wrong turn.


The Judgement Card is telling you to take a break and do some reflection to see your successes and also take note of what you’ve learnt along the way.


You might not be ready to let go of the past, or you could be unsure about the necessary action you need to take to go forward.


Not taking stock of your successes and failures from time to time and without taking a breather to go out and have some fun to blow off some steam can set you on the path to failure.


It’s best to have set times for Family, Work and Leisure.  These are non-negotiable and you should find the right balance that works for your family.


Just remember one thing.  Money cannot buy time.  NEVER give up time with family for money.



If there’s something in your relationship that you aren’t happy with, think carefully about how to approach your partner to raise the matter. 


The Judgement Card has shown up to remind you that relationships are two way streets and you may need to make a compromise or two to keep the relationship on track.


The Judgement Tarot Card is also in your spread to push you to reflect on your attitude towards love.


Are you denying how you feel for your partner?  Are you suppressing emotions that need to be expressed?  Is something amiss from your relationship?  Is there a quality you just can’t find in a partner?


It’s time to look at your expectations.  Are they too high or can you take them up a notch or two so that you don’t land up in a miserable situation?


The Judgement Card reversed is indicating that it’s time for change. 


The Judgement Card means facing your fears, feelings and expectations openly and honestly with yourself. 



You may find that you’ve been feeling a little off or uncertain about your abilities at work lately.  Have you done something wrong or have you made mistakes?


If you’re totally oblivious to the repercussions for your activities and not taking responsibility for your actions, then it’s time to do the right thing and start taking responsibility for your actions.


Often when you deny your responsibilities or push the blame onto others, you’ll quickly find yourself a target for bad jobs or de-motivating work.


You’ll also find that your relationship with co-workers deteriorate because they have to pick up the slack for your misdemeanors.


The Judgement Tarot Card shows up to remind you that you need to have a look at your behavior.  Make amends with co-workers and approach your senior staff members to let them know you’ve messed up, before they need to ask “who did it?”


Doing so will alleviate any disappointments you may be harboring.  It shows that you’re open, honest and willing to admit that you make mistakes too, just like everyone else.




If you’ve made some risky financial decisions lately, you could find yourself in a precarious position at the moment.


Whether you splurged on something when you didn’t have the budget for it or if you passed up a great opportunity because you didn’t want to spend a cent, it can all negatively affect you.


The Judgement Card shows up for you to remind you that you are responsible for ALL of your decisions and actions. 


You should reflect, see what mistakes you made and take corrective action to ensure you’re not falling into bad habits again.


Sometimes we’re just too hard on ourselves without being reasonable.  Other times we break all of the rules we set for ourselves because of a lack of willpower.


With all things said and done, the Judgement Tarot Card is all about Reflecting and Resetting our beliefs and behaviors. 


Let it be for the better.

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